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This is a site for me to post what I'm thinking. Music. Jokes. Sex. Emotions. Funny moments, sad moments, moments for thinking and pondering. MY LIFE. MY moments. MY random moments.
Live them with me
Or Read them, whatever you want, as long as you don't judge them or fucked them up fine by me bitches.
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Austin: What's the next line?
Ally: If you want a friend.
Austin: Right, friend. I like that.
Ally: You do? You don't think we should use a stronger word?
Austin: (laughs nervously) I don't know. Maybe. I just don't want to mess up our- song.
Ally: Yeah, I'd hate to rush into a new song and change the great song we already have

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Why didn’t this happened xD

Why didn’t this happened xD

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Maybe the reason why I’m single is because I’ve never gone to a new years eve party at a ski resort and sung karaoke with a complete stranger..

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Disney Prom by spicysteweddemon

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