12:22pm April 2, 2012

 The Life of an Unfinished: A Few Things To Do When Someone Yells At You

Pull a One Direction and start spazzing because you just drank energy juice. Now they’re concerned, not angry.

- Pull out a Twix, because you need a moment. Now they have to wait.

- Pull a Nicki Minaj and fly away in a starship. Now they’re dumbfounded.

- Pull a Rachel Berry and spontaneously break out into song about how you’re “so done.” Now they’re either laughing, confused, or turning this into a battle of the bands with a kick-ass harmony.

- Pull an LMFAO and apologize for party rocking. They’re probably still angry.

7:22pm October 24, 2011
6:09pm October 8, 2011
7:20pm October 1, 2011

what god do i need to pray to to get myself laid?